Mike Posner and Big Sean have a relationship that dates back before either artist blew up, and the Detroit natives are looking to exploit their shared history together on ‘Top Of The World.’ The Diplo-produced tune is set to appear on Posner’s forthcoming second album, ‘Sky High.’

“I personally like the record because it’s the realest s— ever,” Big Sean says in a video interview with EliteTaste (via HipHopDX). “We talking about coming up, we talking about how it was years ago before we had any record deals and we was in his mom’s basement writing these records.”

Sean says that the song was inspired by the pair’s past experiences, and that they looked to channel the humble upbringings from which they sprang.

“We was in a little busted a– basement coming up with melodies for ‘Cooler Than Me,’ all the songs that we did before,” he says. “Just us talking about where we was going to be and to see it all start happening, it’s one of the most craziest things in life. When you in the pursuit of happiness and sh*t come, that sh*t is like, unreal. So I feel like the record, ‘Top of the World,’ embodies that feeling.”

The song should relieve fans who were left questioning why neither artist appeared on each other’s respective solo debuts.

“Mike Posner was originally on the song ‘What Goes Around Comes Around,’ and then something happened, I don’t know what happened,” Sean said in an interview with Bootleg Kev (via HipHopDX) last year. “But definitely, I’m gonna be on Mike Posner’s next album and he’s going to be on mine.”

Watch Big Sean Talk About ‘Top Of The World’

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