Askmen.com put together a Top 10 list of the Biggest Appearance Turn Offs for Women. Ladies, what is your biggest appearance turn off? Jewelry? Hygiene? Cologne?

1. Ponytails or Rattails: Longish hair has a certain rebellious sex appeal to it, but unless you’re Johnny Depp, don’t put it in a ponytail. Women view ponytails on men much the same way they view Speedos: At best, they’re cheesy, and at worst, they signal that you’re bad news.

2. Gigantic Jewelry
: When you sport gigantic jewelry, it brings out the green-eyed monster in women because they really don’t like it if your bling is bigger than theirs. What’s more, oversize jewelry is a look very few men can successfully pull off and still be taken seriously.

3. Back Hair: 
Although plenty of women find chest hair sexy because it emphasizes your masculinity, this thinking doesn’t extend to back hair. Women spend countless hours throughout their lives removing hair from their bodies in an effort to appear more attractive to their partners, so most feel it’s only fair for you to put in a little effort in this area too.

4.  Frosted Highlights
: They didn’t exactly wow women when they were in style, and now that they’ve been out for a very long time, frosted highlights in men’s hair have become synonymous with the definition of a douchebag. A quick Google will show you exactly what this means.

5. Poor Oral Hygiene: Into this category fall bad breath, discolored teeth and missing or chipped teeth. We probably don’t need to elaborate on why women wouldn’t want to get up close and personal with you if you were suffering from one of these conditions — after all, you would be put off too were the situation reversed.

6. Too Much Cologne
: The way a man smells is very important to women, as it helps them assess your potential as a mate. Covering up your natural smell by dousing yourself in cologne not only interferes with this process, it will actually repel her and anyone with whom you work.

7. Scraggly or Overly Bushy Beards:
 While women usually find less facial hair attractive on a man, they’re not necessarily opposed to beards, mustaches and the like. What no woman wants to see on her man or a prospective date, however, is a scraggly beard (the kind you get when you don’t grow much facial hair) or one that’s growing out of control.

8. Speedos: 
Some things are best left to the imagination, and the dimensions of your package, particularly after a dip in cold water, are one of them. What’s more, women typically find Speedos pretty cheesy, and you don’t want that idea to become associated with her impression of your personality.

9. Short Shorts
: On the one hand, women like nice, muscular legs on a man. At the same time, this piece of information about you is one that most women would rather discover than be confronted with on your first meeting, making short shorts a definite turnoff — especially if she decides your legs are shapelier than hers.

10.  Stained Clothing: 
Whether it’s mustard, beer or wine, clothing stained with any kind of food is, simply put, disgusting. Other unidentifiable stains are also major turnoffs to women, unless they’re the result of changing the oil in her car (in which case, it indicates you have a skill that impresses women). However, because women spend mind-boggling amounts of time primping for you, they appreciate it when you make some effort for them, meaning stained clothing sends her the message that you find her so unattractive, she’s not worth cleaning up for.

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