FOX news pundit Bill O’Reilly has strong opinions on many issues, but it’s usually pretty easy to ignore him — that is, until he moves in on a target that hits close to home, like the Mother Monster herself. In a recent post, O’Reilly took Lady Gaga to task for reportedly “jumping the shark” — that’s code for declining in relevance — with her “middle class mainstream” projects.

The problem with O’Reilly’s piece is that it doesn’t seem to have much in the way of substance. He attacks Gaga’s Thanksgiving special and holiday display for Barney’s, as though they represent some crass sell-out into the commercial realm, even though Gaga has been the queen of product placement ever since the jump-off.

“Does she really need the Thanksgiving special? Or the Barney’s exposure? Really?” O’Reilly asks, but Gaga is a master of media saturation — those most recent projects are just the latest in a long history of her smart, savvy branding ventures. Of course Gaga doesn’t need the exposure — but if she can get it, why not?

And though O’Reilly calls Gaga “the ultimate edgy, anti-establishment pop star,” what Gaga’s actually recognized for is how she blends the commercial and the artistic. It should be noted, also, that Beyonce had a Thanksgiving special last year — and Gaga beat her in the ratings. So is her relevance really in decline? We don’t think so!

The moral of this story is that Gaga is better than Bill O’Reilly. Any questions?

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