While an eyewitness claims that Drake started the whole nightclub melee that left Chris Brown and several innocent bystanders injured last week, the Toronto-bred rapper has one man in his corner: Cash Money CEO Birdman.

In an interview with MTV, Birdman, born Bryan Williams, explains that he doesn’t like any of his artists engaging in beef or otherwise unseemly behavior, in part because it’s bad for his brand. ”We never been a brand to carry ourselves in any foul manner. None of us, none of the acts,” Bird said. “We’ve been doin’ this, we want to do this for another 20 years.”

He also warned against today’s rap game imitating the East and West coast rivalries of the past — the ones that involved the shooting deaths of Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. “It’s a different era, and we don’t promote that, we’re not about that,” Bird said, “but I think sometimes s— get outta hand, and you just gotta be ready for it. We did enough of that, so these n—as ain’t got to do it.”

Birdman insists (not in so many words) that any bottle-throwing is way out of character for sweet, gentle Drizzy — and that anyone who messes with Drake messes with the entire YMCMB crew. “Well, to me, I think n—-s got Drake twisted,” Birdman said. “A lot of n—-s be playin’, pitty-pattin’ with Drake. I don’t like that s—, period. Drake is one of us, so if you f—in’ with Drake, you f—in’ with us, period!”

While Birdman acknowledges that he wasn’t present for the fracas, he can’t wrap his head around the guy who wrote ‘Take Care’ starting a brawl. “To me, Drizzy ain’t did nothin’ wrong, he ain’t done nothin’ wrong to nobody. He just doin’ great music,” Birdman added. “He’s not a reckless guy out there just wildin’ out. He’s a humble kid makin’ great music.”

Watch Birdman Talk About Drake and Chris Brown’s Nightclub Fight

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