A Bishop in Shreveport has sent a memo with common-sense suggestions to changes in the Mass during the coronavirus scare.

According to the Catholic Diocese of Shreveport, Bishop Francis Malone sent out a memo with suggestions for congregants at any Mass in the diocese.

Townsquare Photo by John Falcon
Townsquare Photo by John Falcon

Some of the suggestions include:

  • Those who feel ill should not attend Mass
  • The temporary discontinuation of the Precious Blood at Mass
  • Members of the faithful should be encouraged (not required) to receive Communion in the hand rather than on the tongue
  • Eucharistic Ministers should be reminded to wash (sanitize) their hands prior to and after the distribution of the Eucharist
  • Where there is a custom of holding hands during the Lord’s Prayer, this should be discouraged
  • As an alternate to shaking hands at the sign of peace, a bow might be suggested.

I think that it is great that a leader will take precautions to protect his flock, as these suggestions can not only help lessen the spread of the coronavirus (which, btw, has not shown up in Lousiana as of yet) but can also help stop the spread of other illnesses.

Are you planning on changing your routine at Mass?

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