The heartbreak that swept through Lafayette on June 29, 2023, when the iconic BJ’s Pizza House closed its doors after more than 40 years, might soon be replaced with hope and anticipation. The closure of the cherished 2824 W. Congress Street location left locals reminiscing about their favorite menu items and sharing memories of good times spent there.

The days following the announcement were marked by long lines snaking out of the restaurant, as eager patrons sought to relive the taste of BJ’s signature pizzas and delectable treats.

Pat Barnard, Facebook
Pat Barnard, Facebook

The demand was so overwhelming that the management had to ration pizzas to ensure that as many people as possible got a chance to savor one last bite at the Lafayette establishment.

Over a month has passed since BJ’s served its last slice in Lafayette, but today brought a surprising twist in the tale. In a recent Facebook post from the official BJ’s Pizza House account, a ray of hope emerged for pizza enthusiasts and loyal customers. The post revealed that the business is now up for sale, offering an opportunity for someone to "continue the tradition" in Lafayette and possibly expand it to other markets.

The Facebook post read:

Great opportunity to continue this tradition in Lafayette and/or expand it to other markets.
Contact me at 337-230-6965 if interested.
Motivated seller.
Serious inquiries only.

The announcement immediately gained traction, spreading like wildfire across social media platforms. BJ’s Pizza House loyalists, who had been disheartened by the closure, were suddenly energized by the prospect of a revival.

Mamajoy Trahan, a long-time fan of the pizzeria, expressed her excitement, saying, "I would love to see this tradition continue." Another enthusiast, Kristi Jo Taylor, pledged her loyalty, stating, "I would be the first customer in line if someone bought it." Even JP Boudreaux chimed in, labeling the opportunity as a "DREAM!" Whether he was referring to owning the restaurant or relishing their mouthwatering offerings again, his sentiment was shared by many.

Pat Barnard, Facebook
Pat Barnard, Facebook

As the news of the potential revival spreads, the question on everyone's mind is whether an eager entrepreneur will seize this golden opportunity and bring back the beloved BJ’s Pizza House for another run. The sentiment of the community reflects the collective hope that this iconic establishment will find a new owner who shares the passion for delivering top-notch pizzas, wings, and salads to Lafayette and beyond.

While the fate of BJ’s Pizza House hangs in the balance, one thing is certain: the spirit of this local legend continues to live on in the hearts and taste buds of Lafayette residents.

Is the story of BJ's really over? Only time will tell.

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