After the surprising announcement of its closure following more than 40 years of operation, BJ’s Pizza House has found itself inundated with customers eager to savor the restaurant's renowned pizza one last time.

However, the overwhelming turnout on Tuesday has compelled the establishment to introduce new guidelines for the remaining two days of operation, Wednesday (June 28) and Thursday (June 29), from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The response from the community was tremendous, and BJ's Pizza House expressed gratitude for the unwavering support. Despite the challenges posed by the high influx of patrons, the restaurant's dedicated crew worked tirelessly to fulfill orders promptly, appreciating the patience demonstrated by customers.

To alleviate the extended wait times and ensure a smoother experience, BJ's Pizza House has outlined several new guidelines for its final days. Effective immediately, the restaurant will not be accepting phone-in orders. Instead, patrons are encouraged to visit the establishment as walk-ins only. Additionally, in an effort to expedite service, BJ's Pizza House will focus exclusively on serving pizzas during this period. Other menu items will not be available.

To further streamline operations, the restaurant has implemented a limit of three pizzas per order. By reducing the complexity of orders, BJ's Pizza House hopes to enhance efficiency and minimize waiting times for customers. The management sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience caused and emphasizes that the guidelines have been put in place with the best intentions, as the team is striving to accommodate the overwhelming demand while maintaining the quality of service.

BJ's Pizza House assures customers that it will continue to provide updates regarding any new information or additional guidelines that may arise during the remaining days of operation. The staff remains committed to delivering a memorable and enjoyable experience to the community members who have shown their love and support throughout the years.

As the iconic pizzeria prepares to bid farewell, loyal patrons and pizza enthusiasts are encouraged to take advantage of the final opportunities to indulge in BJ's Pizza House's signature flavors.

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