Meet, Aaron Golub, he is legally blind and loves football. He loves the sport so much that he has perfected the long snap, which is primarily used for punts and field goals, and it has landed him on a Divison-1 football team in New Orleans.

The young 17-year-old has walked on at Tulane University and will have a chance to play college football at its highest level, in Divison-1 football program.

Aaron practices his long snaps every morning before school, and was the starting long snapper for his high school football team for the last two seasons. His coach says in that time, he can only recall Aaron having one botched snap.

Aaron's hard work and his drive to play Divison-1 football proves that if you want something bad enough in life, there is nothing that can hold you down. We are so happy for this kid, and hope to one day see him snap a few balls here at Cajun Field.

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