Bobby Shmurda admits that he doesn't listen to rap music because he believes it is "dangerous to the communities."

On May 28, The Danza Project YouTube page livestreamed an interview where the "Computers" rapper confessed that he personally doesn't listen to rap music.

Why Doesn't Bobby Shmurda Listen to Rap Music?

At the 53:01-mark of the video, Shmurda shared his thoughts on today's rap music, expressing concerns about its influence on young listeners. This serves as a deciding factor for why he chooses not to listen to the genre.

The Brooklyn rapper explains, "You got these f**king kids following you guys [rappers]... and you're  f**king rapping about these lifestyles...It's endangering, it's very detrimental, very dangerous to the communities, that these kids think that is going on that you did not even live."

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Bobby Shmurda Advocates for Positive Rap Messages

Shmurda went on to share his personal belief that rap should prioritize promoting a positive agenda rather than dwelling on the negative aspects. He expressed, "I think rap's supposed to be telling muthaf**kas to go from negative too positive, coming from poverty going to riches and stuff like that. And how to stay in that and how to change. That's the shit that I want to hear, I want to hear about living life."

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Bobby Shmurda Confesses He Listens to Reggae Instead of Rap

Shmurda took it a step further in the clip, expressing his preference for reggae over rap. "I want to listen to some bloodclot reggae," he states. "That's why I don't listen to rap, for real, I don't listen to rap. I don't know nothing about rappers.. Only time I listen to rap is when I'm in the club, I just dance to anything."

You can watch the full video of the The Danza Project interview with Bobby Shmurda below.

Watch Bobby Shmurda Admit He Doesn't Listen to Rap Music at the 53:01-Mark

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