YoungBoy Never Broke Again has found himself in an extensive back-and-forth on social media between himself and Bobby Shmurda.

Late this afternoon (Nov. 27), NBA YoungBoy posted to his Instagram Stories to address Shmurda as "Von shmurda."

"Ok mr 'von shmurda' you better stop the vilence boy!" NBA wrote. "I thought you was a fan [laughing emoji] & don't lie. Go make a hit. I just want to be friends."

NBA YoungBoy Bobby Shmurda beef Instagram Story 1

He followed the initial post with another, in which he referred to Shmurda as a "slave."

"Well talking violent," YB wrote. "Help me keep the peace or just stay far away slave."

NBA YoungBoy Bobby Shmurda beef Instagram Story

YoungBoy's posts were in response to Bobby posting a video saying he didn't want to hear anyone bragging about what their friends have done. Shmurda would later go on to claim that he wasn't even referring to YB in the first place.

Although seemingly unrelated to Shmurda's message, his longtime associate and fellow rapper Rowdy Rebel recently went on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast, published Nov. 24, and spoke on King Von's death.

"When King Von died, Lul Tim n***a, he didn’t have to get out of the car and start squeezing right away. You already got yours drawn," Rowdy explained.

“His mind, off the rip, went to kill. How you went to kill? How much hate you have already to kill this man?" Rowdy continued. "Was it the drugs? You had the upper hand but just clear the seen and said, ‘Yo chill.’ You had the upper hand and could have just been like, ‘Yo, back your n***as up and get your dawg outta here.’ But you already chose the murder route.”

After YoungBoy posted his first two posts as Instagram Story texts, he went on video to address both Shmurda and Rebel. "I ain't even say this perm-having bitch name. N***as just wanna bring Top up. Say, bruh, man you n***as irrelevant and I said what I said, bruh. You n***as need a n***a like me to keep you goin'. I ain't doin' no fallin' around this bitch n***a. This flunk-ass n***a want another n***a to jump out the truck and pump-fake and then get shot in his face? Man, you sound stupid as a fuck, man. You n***as dumb, bro."

YB went on to add that he doesn't want any problems with Bobby or Rowdy, and repeated his message of stopping the violence.

YoungBoy quickly continued in another set of videos on his Instagram Stories, telling Bobby his views should go up now that he's responded. He went on to talk about how Shmurda was "locked up at the height" of his career, calling him a "lost soul" and saying he "don't know how to rap no more."

Bobby then started an Instagram live session on his personal IG page, trying to get YoungBoy to join to they could have a face-to-face conversation. After not being able to get YB to join, Bobby started off his reply by saying he doesn't do "this Internet shit," but that YB got what he wanted. he went on to claim that he makes $100,000 a week and is "2-and-0 on the year" while being on parole.

He later added that he's going to "boom" Wack 100 when he sees him in person.

Following that, Bobby sarcastically walked his initial statements back with an in-feed IG Reel. "Please I don’t want no beef @nba_youngboy," he captioned the clip with a number of laughing emojis.

YoungBoy then responded to Bobby's "boom" statements by laughing it off. He went on to say he has security and isn't worried about anything. "I''m gonna stay out yo' way, and hope you don't get too close," he said.

YoungBoy went on in additional videos to say that he just wants to be Bobby's friend and that he's tripping. YB said that Shmurda was "doped-up" while on camera and that he used to be that way as well. He added that he would pay Bobby to help him "stop the violence."

In another follow-up clip, YoungBoy made fun of the way Bobby said he would "bomb" the people he has issues with, such as Wack 100.

Shmurda then offered another reply to YB, yet again walking back his initial threatening statement. He said his parole officer had been calling him and that he doesn't want any problems with anyone due to him being on parole. The "Hot N***a" rapper added that he felt like this entire back-and-forth with YoungBoy might be a plot to put him back in jail.

Bobby continued with a side rant alleging the industry is built off fake numbers. He called YoungBoy "one of the biggest slaves" in the music business.

YoungBoy then posted a screenshot of direct messages between himself and Bobby, revealing in the caption that he had blocked Shmurda on Instagram.

Bobby continued to try to justify his own financial situation, claiming that if he was on a label it would be over for anyone he's competing against in the rap game. He added that he wants to know YB's story.

YoungBoy appeared to conclude his side of the back-and-forth with a video saying that he's just going to laugh-off anyone who doesn't want to be friends with him.

After that, Bobby posted a photo on his Instagram feed of the DMs that YB had shared, calling him the "feds" in the caption.

"Nah you da feds how dis get outtt I don’t wanna hear nothing else I’m sorry to all the gangster entertaining this I apologize please I don’t want no beef with nobody," he wrote.

Hopefully the beef between YoungBoy Never Broke Again and Bobby Shmurda will come to an end.

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