Bobby Shmurda and YoungBoy Never Broke Again's beef rages on, and it appears that Blueface got caught in the fray.

On Friday (Dec. 23), NBA YoungBoy hosted his weekly Never Broke Again Radio program on Amazon's App platform. During his show, Blueface called in to chat with YB and the topic of his feud with Bobby Shmurda came up.

If you recall last month, YoungBoy and Bobby were arguing back and forth on social media about Rowdy Rebel, who is Bobby's longtime friend, talking about Lul Tim and his involvement in King Von's death on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast. YB felt that Rebel shouldn't be speaking on things he's not familiar with and added that Bobby is a "lost soul" that "don't know how to rap no more." The "Hot Nigga" rapper tried to reach YB on his Instagram Live but when he couldn't get a hold of him, he went on a rant and boasted that he makes more money than him and threatened to "boom" rap manager Wack 100.

Fast-forward to Friday. Blueface asked YB on his radio show about his beef with Bobby and the Louisiana rapper double-down and said that he never had beef with the New York rhymer.

"You ain't even strong enough to do this with me, bruh," YB said. "So you know what? I'm going to make the decision for you, and it's the best decision. I'mma stay out your way, bruh. I'm going to stay the fuck out of your way."

"'Cause I see you let these White people stuck you stupid-ass in jail and let you out and give you not one thing," he continued. "And now you ready to kill somebody and go back to jail."

Bobby Shmurda, who listened to YoungBoy and Blueface's conversation, jumped on his Instagram Story to addressed them discussing his beef with YB.

"Gang bangers is blogging about Bobby Shmurda together," he said, while gleefully laughing.

"I ain’t gon' respond to this nigga. This nigga is a reality star on TV shows," he added, possibly referring to Blueface and his reality series Crazy in Love with Chrisean Rock.

"I'm not to respond to this nigga," Bobby continued. "There's no way, I'm too can't pay me a billion dollars to suck nobody's dick. You can't pay me a billion dollars to do nothing outside of my morals. Meaning, I can't talk about the next nigga for no money."

Hopefully, NBA YoungBoy and Bobby Shmurda's feud doesn't lead to any unnecessary violence.

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