Druski is catching some backlash for disrespecting Ice Spice on his Instagram Live.

Last Saturday (Dec. 24), Druski held a special Christmas Eve show for Coulda Been Records on his Instagram Live. On the show, the comedian pretends to be a CEO character of a fictitious record label called Coulda Been Records. Druski allows fans to come on to audition for him and be ridiculed. He also jokingly tries to sign big-name artists to his fake record label.

On this night, Ice Spice made a guest appearance and Druski tried to sign her to his imaginary label. The funnyman even joked that she only has one hit, which Ice Spice corrected him and said that she has two hits.

During their conversation, Druski is clearly flirting with the "Munch (Feeling U)" rapper and tries to finesse her phone number by telling her to DM him so they can eventually meet up and discuss joining his label. Before Ice Spice left his IG Live, she informs him that she will be dropping new music on her Soundcloud page. That's when the comedian let his viewers know what his inner voice was saying to him.

"We don't give a fuck about that song. Bitch, DM me," Dru says with a hardy laugh. "I don't give a fuck about that song, DM me."

"We'll see, we'll see," he adds, as he jokingly ponders whether or not he will sign her.

Ice Spice appears to get the joke—Druski playing a seedy CEO who is trying to sign her to his fictitious label—but it looks like some folks may have been clueless.

On Twitter, several people were upset at Druski calling the Bronx, N.Y. rapper a bitch and felt that the comedian was out of line for his comment.

"Why she gotta be a bitch?" questioned one fan.

"Is it just me or is this mean and out of pocket…," wrote one person who claimed to be Ice Spice's cousin. "Like you just embarrassed my cousin in front of 108k people"

Another commenter typed: "Druski been the same way with everybody that gets on his live now he corny because of what he said about ice spice??"

Finally, this fan wanted people to calm down and stop overreacting to Druski's comment.

"This world so mf sensitive bruh lol druski is a comedian you dumb ass mfs [two tears of joy emojis] damn that man ain’t did shit wrong," he tweeted.

Druski might have to apologize to those viewers who were offended by his IG Live show.

Watch Druski's Full Coulda Been Records Instagram Live Show Below

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