There are unconfirmed reports that rapper Boosie Badazz has been arrested or detained.

UPDATE: According to TMZ, a Fulton County Jail spokesperson confirmed that Boosie did spend a night in jail and is already a free man.

Boosie was taken into custody Monday and charged with criminal damage to property, inciting a riot, disorderly conduct and criminal trespass.

TMZ reports that Boosie is awaiting his next court date.

ORIGINAL STORY: The Baton Rouge native posted a cryptic message on his official Instagram page @americasmostwantedig letting fans know that he would "be back shortly" with a caption that read the truth would "come out in the end."

Another post from his son, Tootie Raww, seemed to allude that Boosie could be involved in some type of situation where he may be held against his will or dealing with a situation involving authorities.


Fans began to connect the dots and many are assuming that a situation involving Boosie's detainment or arrest may stem from a recent incident in Atlanta that got the rapper kicked off of the 'Legendz of the Streetz' tour.

On October 1, Boosie was 2 minutes into his set at the concert when a fight erupted on stage. You can see the brawl in the video below.

He acknowledged the incident on his official Twitter account after it was reported that he had been pulled from upcoming dates on the tour.

Boosie also offered a $5,000 reward for anyone with footage that captured specifics from the incident in Atlanta.

He later posted a video on his official Twitter account that seemed to confirm that he received the specific clip he was requesting. It's possible that this video could help to clear his name in any potential legal situation and Boosie is just getting ahead of it.

Multiple blogs and social media accounts have reported on the alleged arrest but this story continues to develop as we await confirmation from official law enforcement sources.

We will update this story as more confirmed information becomes available.

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