Would you watch it?

We are just days removed from Super Bowl LVI and for the very first time, we saw the Super Bowl Halftime show feature all hip hop artists.

Now, one Louisiana rapper, Boosie, has proposed his dream line-up for the halftime show for when the "Big Game" returns to New Orleans.

The NFL is set to bring Super Bowl LIX to New Orleans on February 9, 2025.

In a recent Tweet, the Louisiana rapper has proposed that the NFL allow him along with other Louisiana musical icons to take the big stage in the Superdome.

Boosie proposed that rappers like Birdman, Lil Wayne, Webbie, and NBA Youngboy join him on the stage for Super Bowl LIX in New Orleans.

In the Tweet, which is seen below, Boosie has even appeared to put a price on the NFL allowing them to take the stage, $7 Million.

He would go on to suggest that Louisiana's own Britney Spears be allowed to be on stage too that night. The only problem is Boosie misspelled her name in the Tweet when attempting to tag her, but we get it.

While this lineup would be a huge hit for the southern region, we aren't too sure if the rest of the world would get it.

But if you're looking for artists that represent New Orleans, it may not get any better than this.

After the hip hop performance for Super Bowl LVI some on social media were not happy about the musical selection, what do you think they'd say if all of these Louisiana artists took to the stage in 2025?

Here's Boosie's Tweet that has many in Louisiana loving this idea.

Check out what some have had to say on social media about Boosie's proposal for the Halftime Show for Super Bowl LIX in New Orleans.


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