Lafayette is a little less sweet today.

According to a post from the official Borden's Ice Cream Shoppe page, Ms. Ella Meaux—known to many in the Lafayette community as "The Borden's Lady" has passed away.

Mrs. Ella has "scooped and served" the local community for over 56 years, and any employee will tell you that everything they know about ice cream can be traced back to Mrs. Ella. She is described by many as a "light" in our community and anyone who frequents the Borden's location on Johnston and Jefferson Street will never forget her signature cherry red apron.

Some of the tributes are already pouring in on Facebook from people like Gary Morvant, who described Mrs. Ella through experiences with his father dating back as early as his childhood.

I have very fond memories of Ms. Ella, since i was a very young guy. My dad worked for Borden's for 45 years. We could always count on seeing a friendly face, and a loving heart in her. GOD BLESS your soul Ms. Ella. May you rest in peace !!

Others described family memories of "The Borden's Lady," describing her as a "treasure" and an "icon" in our Lafayette community.


Say a prayer for her family and loved ones, and we'll surely think about her next time we stop by for a scoop.

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