We continue to learn more and more about the man guilty of killing Mickey Shunick and Lisa Pate. KATC-TV 3 is reporting that Brandon Scott Lavergne was in possession of a driver's license that belongs to missing Texas woman.

KATC-TV says, "A search of Brandon Scott Lavergne's home in the investigation of Mickey Shunick's death uncovered the driver's license of a Texas woman whose whereabouts remain unknown. That's according to a review of a case file released Monday."

A Baton Rouge newspaper, The Advocate, reports detectives found the wallet and driver's license of Madeline Aumiller in a search of Lavergne's home on July 5. Detectives were able to track down her brother and he admits that Madeline Aumiller did indeed live with Lavergene, but he kicked her out of his house at some point. Aumiller's brother says he was putting money into her bank account, but since April, the account has not been accessed.

Prosecutor Roger Hamilton, who was involved in the Shunick investigation, said Monday that information about the driver's license was forwarded to other jurisdictions outside of Louisiana, but that he has heard nothing about whether the woman has been located or whether Lavergne was connected to her in any way.

Investigators do not believe Lavergne is tied to any other crimes in the Acadiana area.

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