It took only one week for the pettiness to return between Saints and Falcons fans.

The New Orleans Saints defeated their divisional rival Sunday to start the 2022-23 NFL season, but it took an amazing comeback to get the win.

New Orleans, who was down for much of the game, came storming back in the fourth quarter, while down by 16 points.

And that is where we bring in the #FailCake. Breaux Mart Supermarket in Metairie took full advantage of the comeback and they came up with a cake that shows the score and time left in the game when the comeback started.

If that sounds familiar well it's because many, mostly Saints fans, trolled the Falcons when they blew a massive lead in the Super Bowl and lost the game.

Even then, this supermarket trolled the Falcons with this cake.

Fast forward a few years and here they are trolling the rival team again.

Here are two employees at the store showing off their "Fail Cakes".

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