Hopefully, we are not breaking the news to you that Red Lobster has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and has been forced to close locations across Louisiana and nationwide.

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While they are closing locations they are also restructuring their business model to hopefully be more successful .

This restructuring is the best path forward for Red Lobster. It allows us to address several financial and operational challenges and emerge stronger and re-focused on our growth

The irony is that the 'endless shrimp' option 'ended' or bankrupted Red Lobster. But all jokes aside we love and all you can eat option.

Buffalo Wild Wings across Louisiana and Nationwide are offering and all you can eat boneless wings and fries special for a limited time. You can grab your favorite boneless wings in the sauce of your choice for $19.99 for a limited time. They started offering this promotion on May 13 and it will last through Wednesday, July 10.

Keep in mind that this is only available for one person per order. Meaning that if you go with a group you will all have to have separate checks.

The real question is can you take leftovers to go? Sadly, the answer to that question is, no. “Sharing prohibited and will void offer, leftovers may not be repackaged for ‘to go.'”

Buffalo Wild Wings joked on social media 'pls don't bankrupt us' making a cheeky nod to Red Lobster.

In recent month fast food chains have been put on blast fro their rapid price increases. Hopefully, more restaurants considering offering proptions like this, that make it more affordable for families to dine out.

Fast Food Minimum Wage Is Going Up and So Is The Price On These Menus

According to Business Insiders, these restaurants will significantly change menu prices based on a Kalinowski Equity Research report.

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

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