Burger King has decided to throw their hats into the fast food mashup game and offer up an interesting new flip on two American favorites.

If you love Cheetos and the the taste of warm and creamy macaroni and cheese, Burger King has done all the legwork to bring you the ultimate combo—Mac N' Cheetos!

Taco Bell has the Doritos Loco Tacos, and when they unveiled them it was a huge success, so it makes sense for Burger King to have their own snackable combination treat—but are we really ready for the cheesy explosion?

The best way to describe the Mac N' Cheetos is like mozzarella sticks filled with macaroni and cheese dusted on the outside with Cheetos.

Right now the treats will only be available in BKs in Southern California, but if all goes well we may see them roll out to locations nationwide.

For only 2.49, you can enjoy the 5-piece cheesy snack. One YouTube food reviewer had the chance to check them out. Based on his review, would you try the Burger King Mac N' Cheetos?


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