One of the best parts about eating Cheetos is showing the glory of your now orange fingers to those around you, be it your mom or dad, significant other, or your dog or cat.

What we've been calling Cheetos Dust for decades, seems to seep into the pores of your fingertips while eating the crunchy treat. Even after washing your hands, your fingertips are still going to be stained orange. We've all accepted this. People no longer look down on your for it.

In fact, it's almost something to celebrate.

With all of that said, we've been calling Cheetos Dust all wrong. According to Chester Cheetah himself, the official Cheetos Instagram made an announcement. Something that Cheetos has actually had trademarked for 15 years. They've only used the word internally...until now.

So, there you have it. CHEETLE. I guess now is the time to get this guy in their commercials?

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