It's official: The new dead horses in our society are also known as the NFL replacement referees, and after last nights blown call in the Seahawks-Packers game, things went from bad to worse. By this time, you've either seen the play with your own eyes or at least heard about it from the massive coverage that it has been getting due to the outrage as a result of the horrendous call.

As outlandish as the call may have been, the NFL is sticking to their guns and backing up these replacement refs - refusing to overturn the call. I truly feel that no matter how much we complain, as long as we are still showing up to stadiums, tuning in on our flatscreens, buying concessions, playing fantasy football, checking scores, buying merch and "consuming" their product, the NFL will continue to be the multi-billion dollar industry that couldn't care less about player safety or the quality of officiating that takes place in their games - no matter what type of lip service they may try to pass off as genuine care and concern.

But what will it take for you to boycott the NFL? Was the Seahawks-Packers "interception-touchdown" enough to make you quit the NFL cold turkey? At what point are you willing to give it all up until it gets better? While you ponder that, have a look, listen and laugh at this 'Call It Maybe' parody.

(Laughter is the best medicine ... right?)

What would it take for you to give up the NFL? Comment below!