A one year cake, an adorable Snapchat video and a 3.6.15 locket... yeah, I think it's , safe to say Calvin and Taylor are doing this whole "one year anniversary thing" right.

Seriously, could these two be any cuter? Calvin's Snapchat video melted my heart a little, and it made me incredibly hungry, because that cake looks delicious.

I was starting to thing there was trouble in paradise when Taylor showed up to the Grammy's with out Calvin, but clearly I was worried over nothing. I mean, that video made me smile and I'm not even in a relationship with either of them -- unless you want to consider my imaginary best friend-ship with T-Swizzle a relationship.

Oh, and don't even get me started on that necklace Calvin bought for Taylor. It's a gorgeous little gold heart with 3.6.2015 engraved on it. I'm not even in to "anniversary jewelry", but, come on, that is flipping precious.

Congrats on one year as the cutest couple ever, Taylor and Calvin! For real though, save me a slice of cake, because that looked amazing.

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