Cam Newton is getting roasted by some after these comments.

While on a recent podcast, the man who doesn't even have a job in the NFL right now labeled women's roles to their husbands.

The former quarterback complained about women who can't cook and even eluded to women getting the way of their men.

As you would expect, many on social media have gone in on Cam, and rightfully so.

In the video below, watch the hosts of the show as Cam talks about women. You can see on their faces that they knew this wouldn't end well.

Some in the sports world have speculated that the recent comments made here by Cam Newtown could hinder his chances of ever being signed by a team again.

I will warn you, that some may find the LANGUAGE and MESSAGE in the video to be offensive.

Here are just a few responses by some on Twitter after the above video surfaced of Cam Newton talking about the role of women.


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