There is some good news for restaurants today. We have learned they can sell alcoholic beverages with "to-go" orders.

wine glass

Shreveport Police Chief Ben Raymond sent us this statement:

The State Alcohol Tobacco Control Board has made exceptions to their statutes due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects it has on restaurant business.

The Chief added:

Essentially, restaurants who are currently licensed for on premise alcohol sales are being allowed to sell beer or wine for off-premise consumption (low alcohol content/NOT liquor) for the next 30 days without a permit.  They have  streamlined the permitting process as well so businesses can obtain a permit to deliver beer or wine with meals.

But the Chief has this word of caution:

High alcoholic content beverages such as daiquiris and margaritas should not be sold for off-premise consumption without the proper permits.  Information can be found at

So you can get your meal with beer or wine "to-go". But remember, you still can not open it in the car or consume any alcohol in your car.

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