A thief was caught on video red-handed, and your help is needed in identifying him.

Caffe Cottage on St. Mary Boulevard in Lafayette posted photos to their Facebook page of a thief who stole the cashier's tip jar:

The thief seems to have a unique dress style, but I'm not certain if it wasn't just a disguise.

Here's the pic of him snatching the tip jar:

Click through on the links to get to Caffe Cottage's Facebook page for more pics of the thief. (Wait: am I supposed to "alleged" thief?  But, THERE ARE PICTURES OF HIM TAKING THE TIP JAR!! I digress...)

I've said it many times, I'll say it again now: one of my favorite things about social media is how quickly pictures of missing persons, pets, items, and people wanted by police circulate, speeding up the process. Do your part!

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