This was a very dangerous situation, but ended up being hilarious.

Watch as a thief enters a store while armed with a hammer and goes around the counter in an attempt to rob the business.

You can see the employee seek shelter in the cooler, but then returns to confront the thief with pepper spray.

The spray disorients the thief and while he or she is attempting to overcome it, the employee returns and throws a few stiff punches at the would-be thief.

But it doesn't end there. A customer in the store notices that the thief is disoriented from the pepper spray and begins to hit him with a chair until the thief drops to his knees.

All of this was caught on video surveillance and luckily no one other than the would-be robber was hurt here.

I won't lie to you, I chuckled a few times while watching the video below.

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