We now know the cause of death for the nearly one-year-old giraffe that was in the Baton Rouge Zoo.

According to a post on BREC's Facebook page, Burreaux the Giraffe passed away as a result of anaphylactic shock.

In the social media post, which you can read below, the zoo announced the following:

"This is an unfortunate incident that could have been caused by an insect bite or allergic reaction that could not have been predicted. Additional testing, far above & beyond the norm, was performed in order to rule out any other possible causes – all of which came back negative, including COVID-19."

Initial reports out suggested that Burreaux may have died after experiencing complications due to COVID, but extensive testing has ruled that theory out.

BREC Facebook
BREC Facebook

If you're wondering how the baby giraffe got its name, well like other zoos have done in the past, the Baton Rouge Zoo elected to have the general public vote on a name. And yes, it was named after former LSU Tiger Quarterback Joe Burrow.

When the young giraffe passed away, here's what BREC initially announced on its public Facebook page.

As for the findings in regards to the passing of Burreaux, here's what BREC announced today.


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