Celebrities are known for turning to twitter and expressing how they feel. However, at times celebs get rather creative and entertaining as they "tweet." Here are a few tweets that caught my eye this week. 

Ke$ha isn't afraid to call it like she sees it or hears it. Here's what she has learned this week.

@keshasuxx: #nicknamespeoplehaveforme dirty hobo. lazerslut. you dont smell too good.

The funny red-head man on TBS took to twitter and had this to say about sharing a birthday with other celebrities.

@conanobrien: It’s tough sharing a birthday with Kourtney Kardashian. Our friends never know which party to go to.

As always, Miley Cyrus is focusing on the essentials this week, and she let be know on her twitter page.

@mileycyrus: What am I doing with my ONE day off you ask? Organizing bras! I am such a loser!

And lastly, Big Snoop Dog had this to say on 4/20!!! Guess he is keeping to the tradition here...

@snoopdogg: Happy 420 to d whole world from snoop dogg aka bob marley reincarnated pupils dilated!! Hahaha smoke a zip n dip to a new trip #snoop420