Chick-fil-A is known for 3 things, having a really long drive-thru line, not being open on Sundays, and serving crispy chicken sandwiches and nuggets of course. They have decided to improve one of these known Chick-fil-A facts. They won't be messing with their chicken sandwich recipe or opening on Sundays anytime soon, but they have announced a new feature that will hopefully speed up your drive-thru line time.

By now most fast food restaurants have a mobile app and Chick-fil-A is among those who do. The convenience of placing your order through the app and having it saved to your profile for the next time you're craving chicken nuggets just got even better with a new feature being rolled out across the country.

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Express Lane for Mobile Orders

In an effort to get customers in and out of their drive-thru line quicker, Chick-fil-A launched a new feature on their mobile app that has started rolling out to select locations across the country. Customers will now have the option when they place an order through the mobile app to pick up using the 'Mobile-Thru' express lane. Typically when you place an order on the app it prompts you to select drive-thru, carry-out, or dine-in. Now with the addition of the 'Mobile-Thru', customers will have a new, and hopefully quicker, pick-up option on the app.

After a successful two-year test at select restaurants, Mobile Thru is rolling out to more than 300 Chick-fil-A restaurants across the country in 2023. The feature is being added in restaurants where it will optimize the experience for customers and make processes more efficient in the restaurant. With 85% of customers who used Mobile Thru reporting that they were likely to use the service again and 90% saying their experience went smoothly, the mobile-dedicated lane proved to help customers receive their order as quickly as possible in our fastest service channel, the drive-thru.

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Will Louisiana Get the 'Mobile-Thru' Feature?

To verify if a Chick-fil-A near you has the feature, try placing an order through the app. If the option is available after you select the location of your choice, then that means you can use the 'Mobile-Thru' line upon pickup. At this time, the Lafayette locations are not offering this option yet. It would make sense that with the opening of new locations like the one on Johnston Street and the one being built in Opelousas, we would see this new feature soon. Especially since the location on the North side is going through a remodel as we speak, hopefully, they are making room for a 'Mobile-Thru' lane as well.

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