Late last year Chick-Fil-A told us they were testing mac & cheese and it looks like people are finally getting a chance to taste it.

Photos are beginning to pop up on social media as people are losing it over the creamy new side item that is currently only available at select locations of Chick-Fil-A. As a matter of fact, today Chick-Fil-A confirmed that it is currently offering their mac & cheese as a side item at six United States locations:

Phoenix, Arizona
Greensboro, North Carolina
San Antonio, Texas
Baltimore, Maryland
Houston, Texas

In addition to the cities I mentioned above, Chick-Fil-A has also been testing macaroni and cheese as a side available with the 'Family Style Meals' at select Nashville locations.

These tests will help Chick-fil-A decide whether or not the menu item will become available nationwide in the future. Additionally, customers in these designated markets can order mac & cheese off the catering menu as a small or large tray option.

It seems like those who have been privileged enough to taste the mac & cheese are saying it's like nectar from the comfort food Gods.

Hopefully, we see this in Lafayette and surrounding area Chick-Fil-A restaurants soon.

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