Here's another reminder that Chick-Fil-A employees are dedicated to customer service.

Jared Wilson is the 19-year-old Chick-Fil-A who is seen sprinting in a viral video that has been seen millions of times on Facebook alone. Wilson raced down the customer to deliver a chicken sandwich that a co-worker forgot to put in the bag.

When asked about the delivery Wilson said it wasn't an "everyday occurrence" but rather something they are "expected to do." According to WTVR CBS 6 News, the customer was surprised to see Wilson run his food to the car but was glad he was able to catch him.

His friends and family find the video hilarious and have made jokes about his newfound viral fame, but Wilson said he's laughing just as hard after reading the comments under his video.

To answer the most popular question he saw online Wilson confirms that he did indeed say "my pleasure" after making his special delivery.

And just like that, Chick-Fil-A workers remain undefeated.

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