I know manure is really good for growing crops, but can we please keep it out of our cooking?  It looks like a couple of chefs in China might be fixing you a real treat!  Don't worry it's really not as bad as it sounds, in fact its making things a whole lot cheaper.Chickens might be some nasty animals, but what they do in the bathroom could be helping us to cook more efficiently.

Geniuses have figured out how to extract methane gas from the 240 tons of poop produced each day by the three million chickens living at the Deqingyuan poultry farm near Beijing." Via MSN

You might be wondering what this has to do with cooking? Well the methane gas they extract is used to generate electricity for China's national grid and if you didn't know, most appliances are powered by electricity.  I not saying they have tried this method in the states yet, but do me a favor and smell your stove the next time you fry some eggs.

Keep in mind though, nothing goes to waste now days because there is a use for everything!

The chicken manure drops onto a conveyor belt, which takes it to a processing plant.

Methane gas is then extracted from the manure to generate electricity, which is sold to the national grid. The remaining manure is then turned into fertiliser." Via BBC

So now that you know this, who is hungry? LOL.