In an October 25th post to the Dogspotting Society Facebook page Tyfanee Fortuna told the world about her rescue pup Rumpelstiltskin, and since then his story has gone viral. Once you read it you'll know why.

Maybe this is the group where he finally gets the recognition he deserves. This is Rumpelstiltskin and he is 4lbs of love and nervous shaking. I adopted him 1yr ago from an animal shelter because his owner died. Bonus info: his owner was dead for a considerable time before anyone noticed and he did eat his human to stay alive. +1 for being a survivalist pupper. His legs are weirdly long for his small body and also bowed out in a way that makes them look like a fancy table. He likes food, undivided attention, and sleeping for many hours at a time.

Yes, you read that right. Rumpelstiltskin ate his dead owner.

I mean, the little dude was just trying to stay alive. What would you do if you were stuck in a house with a dead body? You might resort to some pretty extreme measures too.

Honestly, I'm just wondering if Tyfanee let's Rumpelstiltskin lick her face. I didn't let my dogs lick my face for a year after I saw them eat a baby rabbit, so I kinda feel like face-licking is off limits when your dog has human death breath. Obviously, that's just my opinion.

Congrats to your one year adopt-iversary Rumplestiltskin! May it be filled with fancy dog food and not human flesh.

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