Summer may be winding down, but you know a season isn’t complete until Chris Brown has some sort of Twitter drama. The ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ singer has fallen victim once more to a Twitter hoax, which almost immediately made me him a trending topic.

This time, Brown wasn’t reported dead — though he may well wish he were after what his name and likeness were attached to. Someone somewhere posted what appears to be a photo of a naked Breezy in an, er, compromising position between two nude men. He’s getting it from all angles, and we don’t mean just in terms of Twitter hate.

The shot is clearly Photoshopped, as Brown’s famously buff physique is smoothed down to an almost feminine shape, and the head that the rudimentary (and rude) artist pasted onto the original shot’s body is an older shot of Brown, as it features his erstwhile peroxide blonde locks.

This is only the most recent in a series of the microblogging site’s attacks on Brown — and vice versa. Breezy recently lashed out at R&B crooner Brian McKnight on the site only weeks after he, his nemesis Drake and Meek Mill posted derogatory messages about his ex (and rumored hookup) Rihanna. Perhaps as an act of revenge, the picture of Brown is rumored to have been the work of a member of the Rihanna Navy. Interesting!

The faux nude shot also isn’t the only time Brown has been accused of engaging in homosexuality, either. Former B2K member Raz B wrote about Brown’s rumored gay exploits in his book, accusations that Brown and his legal team have coolly denied.

Brown has yet to comment on the clearly faked photo, which will probably be in his best interests. Let it go, Breezy — or save it for a freestyle!

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