Every year around the holidays, people across the country have the same debate: When is the correct or right time to put up your Christmas tree?

Well, I've done my research, and here is what my research says: Not a day before Thanksgiving. 

lasse bergqvist

According to Southern Living and AJC.com, Christmas trees should be put up on Black Friday. Now, you can most certainly set out neutral decorations before then. Garland, wreaths, certain things that say Christmas time without screaming it. They say if you are going to decorate before Thanksgiving, don't decorate with red or green or reindeer.

Now, I know plenty of people who have literally put up everything Christmas related in their homes on November 1st. I even know people who have a plain Christmas tree year round and decorate it for different holidays.

cameron stewart

Since we know when the correct time to put the tree up is, what about taking it down? There are many different approaches to that time table, but for the most part, January 1st seems to be the consensus on that one.

There's always plenty of debate on when certain holiday decorations should be displayed, even year round. Bottom line is, decorate whenever you feel like it. Take down the decoration whenever you feel like it. If it brings you joy, do it. It is and always will be that simple.

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