An internet mystery of epic proportions arose when a man was trying to enjoy a nice bowl of cereal and discovered what he is calling "shrimp tails" inside of the box.

He took to Twitter for answers, but only found more intrigue along the way as the viral saga continues to unfold.

According to his website, Jensen Karp is a podcast host that was seemingly trying to enjoy a normal bowl of cereal when he got a rude awakening. Foreign items in his Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal that Karp deemed to be "shrimp tails" by his observation.

He looped @GeneralMills into the conversation on Twitter and soon after, got a response from @CTCSquares the official account for Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

After telling @JensenKarp that they would look into the incident, he provided the below response.

Karp knew how to make the most out of his unfortunate breakfast mishap, as he had a slew of hilarious posts on Twitter throughout this saga. I will be sure to include some of those at the end of this post.

So @CTCSquares came back to @JensenKarp on Twitter and told him that the alleged "shrimp tails" were simply, "an accumulation of the cinnamon sugar that sometimes can occur when ingredients aren't thoroughly blended". Here is what Karp thought of that response...

This is when the light-hearted fun that this comedian and podcast host was having took a different turn. The Cinnamon Toast Crunch Twitter account told Karp that there was no possible way the cereal could have shrimp in it. He did not appreciate being told he was wrong when the evidence of "shrimp tails" in his cereal was quite literally in his hands.

With @CTCSquares doing its best to salvage the situation, they decided that sliding into @JensenKarp DM's with vouchers for more General Mills products would be the way to go.

Karp did not accept their token and it became clear that this saga was far from over. Below is how @JensenKarp handled the on-going situation.

Now that @JensenKarp was living out his own feature film, the Twitter world was starting to grab onto this story as it progressed. But, the crew over at Cinnamon Toast Crunch were not forgetting the PR crisis that was on their hands, as they continued to hit up @JensenKarp in his DM's.

After people online demanded more answers on the situation, @JensenKarp decided it was time to go through the entire box of cereal in question. Below is what he found...

At this point, the CT-Crunch Saga was kind-of-fun and very confusing. But after Karp found even more foreign objects in the same box of General Mills cereal, the situation had reached a level of "ew" that had even more Twitter users hopping on-board to see where this journey was going to end.

With people on Twitter only adding more paranoia to @JensenKarp and his situation. Enter Karp's wife—who just so happens to casually be Danielle Fishel who played 'Topanga' on the popular TV show "Boy Meets World".

Fishel decided it was time to dig through the other bag that was included in the box of cereal. Check out what she found below via @JensenKarp.

Now, HOLD THE PHONE! The bag is taped up???

That is a little bit suspect. Karp went on to explain to everyone following the saga on Twitter that he bought the box of cereal from a Costco in the Los Angeles, California area. It appeared that Karp was even more confused by the taped bag of cereal than he was beforehand.

@JensenKarp started to draw his own unfortunate, and might I add repulsive conclusions.

Panic ensued, and @JensenKarp even called Poison Control for his own safety.

Thankfully, after a night of rest @JensenKarp returned to Twitter to assure everyone he was OK.

With some online now questioning @JensenKarp to see if he fabricated this whole story for clout, he did what he could to make it clear that this was not a situation he wanted to be in.

Another Twitter user helped @JensenKarp out a bit by showing evidence that this wasn't the first issue General Mills had with shrimp ending up in their product.

So just to catch you up on everything that has happened in the endless 'Shrimp Sugar Saga', as I have now deemed it, Jensen Karp found some foreign objects in his cereal. Cinnamon Toast Crunch told him that it was impossible that these were shrimp.

More digging showed other foreign objects in the same box of cereal made by General Mills. And there are about a thousand other questions left unanswered, but Karp is hell-bent on figuring out what is going on with this Morning Munchy Mystery.

@JensenKarp kept everything public on Twitter throughout this entire fiasco, and more DM's from Cinnamon Toast Crunch came through which you can check out below.

This is when the official statement came from @CTCSquares on Twitter.

So the official account of the cereal stated that this incident did not occur at their facility and that any tampering of the package must have happened after it left General Mills.

This did not satisfy the detective desire of @JensenKarp so he decided it was time to get science involved.

This takes us to where we are now, with new updates from Karp rolling in on Twitter via his account while he is out at a lab. Below is what we have now.

With @JensenKarp taking this rollercoaster of a mystery the distance, I am on the edge of my seat patiently awaiting the DNA results of the shrimp tail as if this is an episode of 'Maury'.

Could General Mills be wrong about some of the foreign objects found inside Karp's box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Could Karp have fabricated this entire story for internet clout? Is CT-Crunch still an elite cereal?

All of these questions went through my head while working through the details of the 'Shrimp Sugar Saga'. Whatever questions are left out on the table will hopefully be solved by Jensen Karp, who at this point is working on behalf of cereal and mystery lovers everywhere.

This post will be updated when more details come out.

UPDATE: General Mills has reached out to @JensenKarp asking him to provide the foreign objects found inside of the cereal box to local authorities. Things just keep getting better and better...

You can check out some of the absolutely hilarious moments that came from this wild ride via @JensenKarp on Twitter below.

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