Circle Food Store in New Orleans was damaged heavily during Hurricane Katrina, but they have come back strong with this 76th anniversary commercial.

It's been 76 years in the making at New Orleans most famous grocery store. They are celebrating their 76th anniversary and have changed the game in advertising with this AWESOME, kick-a$$ commercial!

This commercial will have you so hyped up to buy "dranks" and  "snacks on snack on snacks", from red drinks to Chee Wees, they even flash some pickled pig feet,  everything is on sale. "We got you, boo " is their motto. I love this store.

My grandmother used to love "making her groceries" here and she would take me along for the ride. It's great to see it come back! Brings back so many memories.

This really is one of the best local New Orleans grocery stores. If you don't think so, they might shoot your apples on the way out or maybe even a bag of flour.

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