Imagine a world where grocery stores no longer have people working the cash registers. And no we aren't talking about how on any given day Walmart has no one working the registers. But you have definitely been in this situation more than once where the one register that is open has a line a mile long

Well, this is the reality at a Kroger grocery store in Cool Springs, Tennessee as of July 21st. They have completely done away with bag boys and cashiers altogether. Some people might be bummed by this change while others are indifferent and actually welcome the change as an upgrade to their shopping experience.  This store was selected because of how many Kroger shoppers already use self-checkout

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Concerns about Cashierless Grocery Store Model

A few questions and concerns were raised with the rollout of this new change to the checkout process. One concern is that there are people who do need assistance when scanning or bagging groceries and not to worry there will be employees on stand-by to step in and assist anyone who might need help.

Another concern was raised about if any jobs had been eliminated during this process. According to Kroger, some job titles were changed but they did not lay off any employees to make these new changes in the store.

This change could lead to an increase in shoplifting since everyone would be responsible for scanning their own groceries. Will this new business model create more work than its worth for the store's employees?

Could we see this store model in the Lafayette area?

With more and more people using self check out over going to an actual cashier we could see this becoming a new trend maybe even here in Acadiana.

There are some local grocery store employees that add to the experience of physically going out and shopping at a store. Places like Drug Emporium have had the same employees punching in the prices manually for decades. Something about that has always felt especially nostalgic.

For now, no news of this here locally but we think this could be the new normal in a few years as other grocery stores pick up on the trend.

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