Recent allegations of sexual assault against quarterback of the Houston Texans, Deshaun Watson, have come up this week in the form of three civil lawsuits. NFL insiders report that while the league is keeping an eye on this matter, no criminal charges have been filed against Watson as of now.

You can see the full ESPN report from @SportsCenter on Twitter below.

According to the above report, this third allegation involves a massage therapist that alleges Deshaun Watson forced her to perform oral sex on him and that she "did not consent".

In relation to allegations that came out earlier in the week @deshaunwatson posted the below statement on Twitter.

NFL insiders report that this news has not deterred teams that are interested in a potential trade for Watson. If Houston is willing to trade Watson, as he has clearly expressed in his wishes over recent months, teams are currently still willing to have that conversation even in the wake of these allegations.

Of course, the tune could change if more this situation gets any more serious. As the civil suits against Watson move forward, the NFL will continue to stay on-top of this evolving situation.

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