It might be a very long season for embattled Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson.

For the first time in nearly two years, Deshaun Watson suited up to play an NFL game but Jaguars fans didn't hold back when it came to how they felt about the controversy surrounding the Browns quarterback.

Cleveland Browns v Jacksonville Jaguars
Mike Carlson, Getty Images

Watson was hit with a six-game suspension by the NFL after facing nearly two dozen allegations of sexual misconduct but was still eligible to play in the preseason. The Jacksonville Jaguars are very familiar with Watson as they faced him as a division rival for years when he was with the Texans.

Cleveland Browns v Jacksonville Jaguars
Mike Carlson, Getty Images

As soon as Watson stepped on the field, he was met with loud boos from Jags fans.

While we knew there would be boos, a video of an NSFW chant from Jaguars fans letting Watson know exactly how they felt quickly went viral.

Watson did a pregame interview that some people criticized as being "softball" due to questions that felt scripted. The Browns quarterback offered an apology to his accusers and those who he affected with his off-the-field decisions.

Regardless of his apologies, there are still many fans who don't think that Watson received proper punishment for his behavior surrounding the sexual assault allegations and some who even believe he should never play again in the NFL.

By the way, Jags fans also offered up a chant that was appropriate for children.

Beyond the boos, Watson did very little to make any other headlines with a disappointing performance in the short time that he did spend on the field going 1 for 5 passing for only 7 yards.

Regardless of how this all shakes out, Watson and his Browns team should be prepared to face more trolling and harsh criticism as the season goes on. This preseason game attendance paled tremendously in comparison to the crowds that they will face later on in the year when he does eventually take the field.

Sound off in the comments and tell me what you think about this video and give me your thoughts on what should happen with Watson in relation to the backlash and punishment surrounding his allegations.

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