This is the most heart dropping GoPro video I've ever seen! EVER!

This guy decided to be all adventurous and cliff dive in Sydney Harbour, he never could have imagined that when he hit the water he would be face to face with a great white shark!!!


When he hits the murky waters it's hard to see but you know what it is. A shark emerges from the dark and is obviously looking to eat. You can hear the guy panic, even yelling at the shark.

The man then takes off as fast as he can not knowing where the great white is, but he knows it's there. The great white shows its face one more time as the man yells at it again and swats the shark away one last time.

The man finally makes it to shore in seconds but I'm sure it felt like a lifetime!

I'm not going to lie, I was in panic mode and I'm sitting here in my computer chair. This video had my heart racing!

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