Never selfie and drive, ever.

YouTube user Alex Lopatnyuk was taking a nice drive in his Jeep, filming his first ever gator hunting adventure on a GoPro, that was firmly attached to a selfie stick, when the unthinkable happened. He crashed into the car in front of him. Just kidding, that's not unthinkable, it's actually the complete opposite. How could he have not crashed? That is basically the perfect formula for disaster!

It totally stinks that this dude crashed his car, but that's what you get for trying to take a selfie and drive. Not only was he taking a selfie, he was using a freaking selfie stick! I don't want to say that this guy deserved to crash, but he deserved to crash. I mean, come on, did he really think it was a good idea to hang a GoPro attached to a selfie stick out of the window of his Jeep and not pay attention to what he was doing? Dumb. All I can say is dumb.


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