The football field isn't the only place where LSU proves its worth, and this video out of Carencro is living proof.

Our entire community was saddened to hear the tragic news that Kevione Faulk, daughter of Kevin Faulk, had suddenly passed back on September 13. Since then, there has been an outpouring of condolences from friends, family, and strangers alike—including the LSU Football team.

Kevione was a staff member of the LSU Football team where her father Kevin set records during his college years and is now the current running backs coach. Upon hearing the news, LSU tweeted out the following heartfelt message.

But, the LSU football team did more than just tweet their condolences. As Kevione's services were being held last Friday, a calvary of team buses showed up carrying head coach Ed Orgeron along with members of the LSU football team and staff.

Gerald Melancon was there to capture the beautiful moment.

Melancon said that Orgeron and the LSU team arrived on Friday morning to pay their respects to Kevione and the entire Faulk family in person. What stood out to Melancon was that Faulk's LSU family didn't just show up and turn right back around. He says they actually spent about an hour with family members and even said a prayer with their pastor before heading back to Baton Rouge.

To stress how special this is, last week was the first SEC matchup and it was on the road against Mississippi State. For Orgeron to take 3-4 hours out of the week and dedicate them to Faulk says a lot about their character as well as their relationship with the family.

This was something that did not go unnoticed as people left their thoughts in the comments beneath Melancon's video.


One person described the act as "real" while others offered continued condolences to the Faulk family.


Others were quick to point out the level of respect that the LSU program had for Faulk and his daughter, while some were simply proud to be LSU fans from Louisiana.


Like I said earlier, as much as we criticize or praise our favorite teams—these are the moments that most people don't always see but should count for something when it comes to measuring the type of program that comes out of Death Valley.

We continue to offer our condolences to the Faulk family as they hopefully find peace after what I would imagine is a difficult time for everyone.

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