The Baton Rouge Rotary Club met this past Wednesday and had a special guest speaker. LSU Head Coach Ed Ogeron met with the club virtually and began to speak about how the Tigers are getting prepared for what will hopefully be the start of their season on September 5.

Now, Coach O is a man who gets directly to the point. He commented on various topics surrounding the team, including how they have been handling COVID-19. Coach O told the group they have handled the players who have gotten the virus to the best of their ability. There was also a question as to if any team members will be opting out for the upcoming season. The SEC is allowing players to not play this upcoming season due to the virus, without the fear of losing their scholarships. Coach O commented that he was unaware of any of his players opting out for the season.

With all of the comments and tweets circulating around with Coach O's comments, it seems like he has the Tigers focused on that kickoff date of September 5. It seems like they are all ready to play and nothing is going to keep them from playing their best. He told one reporter that they typically study future opponents only up to a few games ahead. This current situation has allowed them to plan for every team the Tigers will face for the whole season. Will we see the Tigers go all the way again this year? Only time will tell.

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