Lovelock Correctional Center inmate #1027820, also known as O.J. Simpson, could be getting out of jail this summer. That's right, the Juice could soon be on the loose.

O.J. Simpson, who is now almost 70 years old, has been incarcerated in Nevada since 2008 on a kidnapping and armed robbery conviction. He is due to go before the Nevada Parole Board approximately three months before his official eligibility date, which is October 1. So that means on July 1, 2017, we could find out if America's most famous jailbird will be set free.

If he is granted parole, he could be out of prison as early as this fall. If he is denied, chances are that he will remain a prisoner until 2022, when he is 75 years old. He needs recommendations from at least four of the seven commissioners in order to get out, and according to an article Sports Illustrated, Nevada grants parole to roughly half of the prisoners who are eligible. If released, he would still have to check in with his parole officer on a regular basis, and if he does not comply with rules of his release, he would be sent back to jail.

He also still faces the civil liability that granted the Goldman and Brown families millions of dollars in restitution, but his earning power has obviously been drastically reduced by being incarcerated.

This might very well be the year he is released, but how free will one of the most hated men in America actually be?


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