Walmart is now reopened in Covington after a fire set by two local teenagers forced the store to close for nearly a week.

Covington's Walmart store, located on Highway 190, reopened its doors Monday (Jun. 12) following a week-long closure caused by a devastating fire. Store employees took to Facebook to express their gratitude to the community for their unwavering support and patience during the tedious process of restoring the store to full operation.

The fire, which originated in the automotive section, was reportedly started by two local teenagers. The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office promptly arrested the culprits, a 17-year-old and a 15-year-old from Covington, on Monday, June 5, holding them accountable for their alleged involvement in the incident.

Despite the setback, the determined management and staff worked tirelessly to restore the store to its former glory. There were initial reports that the store could possibly be closed for weeks or even months due to water and smoke damage.

The dedication of the Walmart associates paid off as Covington residents eagerly awaited the reopening of their beloved Walmart. Monday, at 7:00 a.m., the doors were flung open, signaling the return of convenient shopping and community engagement.

However, the initial reopening comes with certain limitations. Shoppers will experience a temporary adjustment as the store resumes operations gradually, with limited shopping available. This measured approach ensures a safe and smooth transition, allowing both customers and employees to ease back into their familiar routines.

As the day unfolds, residents are expected to flood the aisles, ready to replenish their pantry supplies, select fresh groceries, and take advantage of the wide range of products and service the Covington Walmart offers. The reopening serves as a symbol of resilience, highlighting the strength and unity of the community as they come together to support their beloved retail establishment.


With the reopening of the Covington Walmart, locals are already back to their shopping routines and once again experience the convenience and affordability the store has provided for years. This event just further proves that South Louisiana is always down to bounce back from adversity and emerge even stronger than ever before.

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