Ask anyone who works in television or has worked in television if they have ever had a strange encounter while out in the filed, and most would tell you that they have indeed had a strange run-in with someone or something. Now we can add this television reporter and camera person to this list as well. Watch what happens when a reporter in downtown Chicago meets "The Spitting Lady."The woman approaches the crew to ask for directions, but before they can get an answer out, she's hocking up loogies and spitting them out. The woman blames her actions on a cold she allegedly had, but come on!! The best, she says that she didn't realize the two gentleman work for a television station and that they were set-up to do a news story. Hello!!! There is a camera on a tripod and a man holding a microphone!!!

In any case, watch this video and see if this woman was telling the truth about her having a cold. In my opinion, this crazed individual has issues with the television station she has approached. If not, then she needs to seek some serious medical attention for that severe cold she has. By the way, we hope that our media partners over at KATC-TV 3 never have to come across this woman on the streets in Acadiana!!!

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