A reporter in Florida reporting on Hurricane Ian had to get on social media and address what some viewers were questioning.

Some watching her reports noticed that Kyla Galer had a unique cover on her microphone while out in the elements and some were asking if it was a condom.

Well, after she and her microphone started to trend on social media, she went right back on social media to confirm that she does indeed use a condom to shield her mic.

Here's what she had to say on Facebook, "A lot of you are asking and YES I do have a condom on my mic. It is the best way to protect it from the wind and the rain."

Here's a look at the reporter's microphone that caught many's attention during the storm coverage down in Florida.


There's also a video of the reporter explaining her choice of "protection" while out in the rain and wind. Check this out.

Here are a few more photos of the most talked about microphone during Hurricane Ian coverage in Florida.


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