You can’t get through Easter without seeing PEEPS. It’s an Easter basket necessity. The simple marshmallow covered in sugar that’s shaped like chicks, bunnies, and other animals have been around since 1953. Peeps are one of the most recognizable treats and kids are drawn to them. Maybe it’s because of their bright colors and cute eyes.

While many people just eat them straight from the package, there are so many ways to get creative with the way you eat Peeps. If you’d rather not eat all of your Peeps straight out of the package, you can hop on the internet to find fun recipes to experiment with using Peeps. Obviously, since it’s marshmallow, the most popular Peeps recipe would be Peeps Krispies Treats (Rice Krispy Treats).

Here a few of my favorite ways to use Peeps for an Easter treat. Not only do these make a pretty display, but they also make a tasty treat.

PEEPS KABOBS - The kids will love these. The fruit makes a colorful display and the kabob also provides something healthy to the the Peeps.

PEEPS PUDDING CUPS - If you're a pudding lover, these will be delicious. Get creative with the flavors and by adding sprinkles, jelly beans, or cookie crumbs.

PEEPS SURPRISE CUPCAKES - Everyone loves a yummy cupcake. The kids will love to find the surprise inside of these.


PEEPS SKILLET SMORES -  It tastes just like Smores but it's much easier to make and the everyone will love it.

'PEEP PEEP' CARS - Let your kiddos make these and they will love it. Who doesn't love Twinkies, pretzels, and marshmallow? Plus, it's the cutest Easter display ever.

PEEPS COCKTAIL - The adults need to have fun too! Peeps can make delicious "accents" to a delicious cocktail. This one is those over the age of 21.

Get creative with your Peeps on Easter. Get the kids involved for even more fun. And ENJOY some deliciousness.



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