It was announced today that Carnival Cruise Lines have been given the go ahead to start cruising to Cuba.

Carnival, who has a port in New Orleans, was given permission to sail to Cuba as early as this summer. Right now, though, they are only allowed to sail out of Tampa, Florida. But is a New Orleans to Cuba cruise a possibility in the future?

Carnival spokeswoman Jennifer de la Cruz told in an email that a New Orleans to Cuba cruise "are certainly a possibility."

When that could happen isn't laid out yet, as de la Cruz said that that itinerary may happen "at some point in the future."

Starting June 29, Carnival plans on setting sail to Havana, Cuba for both four and five night trips. Those particular cruises will also feature a stop in either Cozumel, Mexico, or Key West, Florida.

As of now, Cuba vacationing is still technically "off limits." It was approved, however, for "people-to-people" trips to happen. Basically a person fills out a form saying that their trip is for educational purposes, and not tourism.

Carnival has said that their cruises fall into the "people-to-people" category.

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